Wearable Technology in Fashion

Emerging Technologies: Ready for the Future

Wearable technology is everywhere; you just weren’t paying attention. It’s on your wrist. It’s on your face. It’s in your shoes. It is your watch, your glasses, your sportswear. It introduces new capabilities and resources to your day-to-day living.

Nowadays, the latest wearable technology in fashion is commonly described as garments and accessories that integrate circuitry, produced by technologically significant means or are made of technologically significant materials, be it LEDs (lights) in your dress, accelerometers (tilt sensors) in your shoes, t-shirts with print patterns designed with a computer algorithm or Peltier modules (heaters) in your jacket.

It is unique; it is fast, it is undervalued, and all too commonly misused. Unlike PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) which are handheld gadgets such as cameras and mobile phones; wearable devices are attached to clothing and can be used as adornments or accessories. Though the advancement is … Read the rest

6 Popular Clothes That Use Wearable Technology

Why Clothing that Uses Wearable Technology is the Future

First Off: What Is Smart Clothing?

Clothing that uses wearable technology is what is referred to as smart clothing. These involve internet-connected clothing and self-adjusting clothes that are now some of the fastest growing wearable technology sectors.

At the moment, activity trackers and smartwatches are kings in the wearables market but wearable technology clothing is growing exponentially. There are even websites devoted entirely to gadgets and electronics ratings. According to Juniper, connected clothing is set to be an industry worth a billion dollars by 2020. Smart clothing is better than today’s wearables given that they are in direct contact with the body and hence are more accurate and are more effective over longer ranges.

The Great Challenge: Making New Wearables Practical.

The new trend in wearables is a collaboration between tech companies such as Google and apparel companies such as … Read the rest

The Impact of Wearable Technology in Healthcare

How Wearables Might Help With Treatment, Monitoring and Procedures.

While wearable technology may seem like such a new thing, it is not that new. In fact, wearable technology has been in use for centuries having been first used in the Qing Dynasty during the 17th century. The device was a small ring that came with an abacus that was used as a calculator.

In the 1960s, Edward Thorp a mathematics professor created a small computer that could fit into his shoe that helped him cheat at roulette. Not long after came the calculator wristwatch, and then the Sony Walkman and on their heels came digital hearing aids.

earliest wearable tech
One of the earliest ‘wearable technologies’…

Over the years, wearables have come into the mainstream and have now found much use in health care. Hosting companies even offer special deals (click here to view some) to power medical devices that require server bandwidth.… Read the rest

Everything You Need To Know About Wearable Technology, Plus Free Coupon Codes!

Over the last couple of years, wearable technology really has rocketed. It has gone mainstream and now some of the best and biggest devices are on the market. The best of it is, you can attach them to your wrists, face and even your arms as well. Of course, the technology revolution really is stepping things up to the next level, but what exactly is wearable technology?

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