6 Popular Clothes That Use Wearable Technology

Why Clothing that Uses Wearable Technology is the Future

First Off: What Is Smart Clothing?

Clothing that uses wearable technology is what is referred to as smart clothing. These involve internet-connected clothing and self-adjusting clothes that are now some of the fastest growing wearable technology sectors.

At the moment, activity trackers and smartwatches are kings in the wearables market but wearable technology clothing is growing exponentially. There are even websites devoted entirely to gadgets and electronics ratings. According to Juniper, connected clothing is set to be an industry worth a billion dollars by 2020. Smart clothing is better than today’s wearables given that they are in direct contact with the body and hence are more accurate and are more effective over longer ranges.

The Great Challenge: Making New Wearables Practical.

The new trend in wearables is a collaboration between tech companies such as Google and apparel companies such as … Read the rest